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18414 104th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011

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📍 18414 104th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011

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Current Resident

I've been living here for 15 months now. If you'd asked me 9 months ago, I'd have given it 5 stars. Unfortunately, things change. They actually seemed to operate better during covid than they do with normal apartment operations. For one thing, maintenance is a disaster. I've had a request in to seal my windows for the entire 15 months. I've had 2 different maintenance guys come in to measure for replacement screens that aren't all bent up, and the screens have never materialized. And I can't tape the windows shut cause they'll charge me for that (I know, because they charged the prior resident for doing the same thing). When my stove broke and was turning things to charcoal, the first maintenance guy closed my ticket and told me that I must have had the burner on hotter than I thought. (Cause I'm a woman, so I must not understand how electronics work....) I had to put in another ticket before someone came out and was *shocked* to realize that I was right. There are 2 elevators, 1 of which has been broken for months. At the same time, the stairwell entrance near me was broken for the first several months I lived here due to a permissions problem in the system and again recently. One garage door is broken and has been stuck open for months. My bike was stolen out of the garage, which didn't have camera coverage. And tonight I couldn't get in the front door of the building because the entry system wasn't working. The princess (team member) in the office heard me banging on the door and ignored it, sitting sealed up in the glass tower (the office). The maintenance staff does the same thing that so many deficient support teams do - close tickets before confirming that the "solution" is actually a solution. For example, my ticket about the stairwell door locking me out was initially closed when I was told to get a new fob - too bad nobody told the office, cause they didn't have one for me. Oops. They sent lease renewal notice 6 weeks ago. Guess who doesn't have renewal paperwork or even written confirmation that I'm renewed as I rapidly approach the "you better tell us before ___ date or you risk not being renewed" deadline. Me! Despite my several emailed requests for confirmation that this was in process, the best I got - and I had to stop by the office twice to get it - was a verbal notice that "I haven't gotten those out yet." Lots of residents want unreserved parking spots ($75/mo) rather than reserved ($125/mo). Even though all the spots are numbered and they could just update how many are reserved...they don't. They have a waiting list though. So you can join the other many people in the building who want unreserved. That extra $50 ensures that you have the same spot all the time, right? Except when people shopping in downtown Bothell park in your spot and the office staff tells you they're going to wait 45 minutes to call the tow truck to be nice to strangers who parked in spots clearly marked reserved. What are you supposed to do with your car for an hour? The office has no plan for that. But we do know that that $50/mo isn't paying for anyone to tour the garage for security purposes or call towing on people stealing reserved spaces. They implemented this mandated laziness program where you put your recycling outside your door at night. But only certain nights, and you better not put it out too earlier to bring your bin in too late. And you're forced to keep an extra bin that you didn't ask for. $25/mo, no exceptions, even if you live 10 feet from the recycling room like I do. I had to play 20 questions to get the rationale out of the office - turns out it's because it costs them money to clean the hallway carpet when people bring recycling down the hallway. So.... they implement a measure that saves them money, AND they charge us for it. That's double "savings" - we're paying them to save them money. Super shitty. If I wanted stupid shit like this, I would live in downtown Seattle and also pay for a zen room and a theater room nobody uses. One star is because I like the layout and materials in my unit, and 1 star is because the woman who cleans the common areas is a rockstar. The common areas are immaculate. ...

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