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104 Sandburg Pl, Newark, DE 19702

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🎓   3.8mi to Wilmington College

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📍 104 Sandburg Pl, Newark, DE 19702

🎓 3.8mi

Distance to Wilmington College

🚶‍️ 30+min

EST. Walk to Wilmington College

🚲 11min

Est. Bike ride to Wilmington College

🚗 8min

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Former Resident

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST:TRAUMATIZED ME FOR LIVE. I lost everything due to mold and got sick but was too poor to do get out. I have lived in 5 different apartments and this is the worst place I have ever lived. I warn everyone looking for a place about this one. Worst experience of my life. I moved here when I graduated high school with some roommates as my first place away from home. Someone got beaten up by a few people and was screaming bloody murder in the grass area. My friends car was broken into twice. Someone broke into the apartment below me by breaking the door lock off during the middle day of the day and police asked if we heard anything. The ac didn’t work and no matter how many times maintenance came out to “fix” it nothing changed. It was 100 degrees for most of the summer and they didn’t have ac units to offer so we had to keep the windows, sliding door, and front door wide open which I noticed many of my neighbors did. There were bed bugs in other units that neighbors warned me about as they were throwing furniture away and bombing. This was common to see. There were no roaches in my 3rd story unit but at night they would be in the stair cases for the units and the huge ones get stepped on and left on the stairs. My bedroom ceiling had a leak in it. Maintenance came out and painted it and it kept leaking until they eventually covered it in like a plaster. The plaster started to peel off because it was still leaking and there was black mold underneath. Around this time I began to randomly break out into hives and had upper respiratory issues. After the leak had gotten so bad the ceiling collapsed in and I could see straight into the roof area and there were birds in there that would fly and drop feathers into my bedroom. Management was no help and acted like it was no big deal. I think because I was 18 they knew they could get away with anything. I tried to reach out to news and housing authority’s with no luck. I had to move into the living room. My family had to save up to help me hire someone who came out and tested that it was black mold and my doctor said I could be getting sick from mold poisoning but it’s hard to prove but all of my symptoms sounded like it was from the mold. Management laughed at me when I told them and told me to just keep staying in the living room. The apartment complex got one of the managers to visit me all the time from then on and bullied me along with maintenance. The maintenance men ripped open the ceiling even more and brought in a remediation team that told me since they exposed all of my belongings in the bedroom to mold spores that it would all have to be thrown away. I lost everything I had and I had only just started my own place. I got a lawyer because I lost everything I owned and was sick for a few months straight. I was only 18 and poor so I couldn’t afford the lawyer to take them to court or do anything about it so after months of back and forth they let me end my lease. They took my security deposit entirely for bullshit reasons like the oven not being cleaned (which I cleaned the entire apartment because i needed that deposit). I filed a claim for renters insurance but it got denied since I didn’t have itemized receipts or specific item coverage which was a life lesson. I suffered immensely mentally and physically because of this place. I also worked 3rd shift and would be asleep during the day the maintenance men and manager would bully me by coming into my bedroom and invade my space by randomly coming in. I talked to my lawyer about that too… wild it isn’t illegal for them to come in and not even knock or call. I begged them to call or knock so I would know when they were coming. I started to sleep naked to make them uncomfortable but it didn’t do anything. I thought it would at least shock them I was bold enough to do that but they would just come in, see me naked asleep, and be like I’m here please cover up. I will never mentally recover from this time in my life due to this apartment complex and everyone and everything involved. ...


Former Resident

The place is a dump windows are old AC units don't work there is no fitness center as a matter of fact September of this year two people got shot by the 700 building and 600 building on Sandburg place, all they care about is going up on the rent never fixing anything maintenance is a joke, people that don't live in the complex comes in and dump their trash all the time all over the place then they have the nerves to send you the letter saying that they have to increase your rent to keep up with The changing times in the neighboring communities for the price they are charging with these old ass windows that you freeze in the winter time rent shouldn't be no more than $600 per apartment here the people in the office is a joke never answer the phone or answer the door stay away from this place is like a big giant section 8. ...


Former Resident

Used to be nice before new people took over. Suddenly rents gone up and amenities have gone down. No working central AC, no on site maintenance, no fitness center. Windows are all poorly designed so bugs crawl in no matter the time of the year. Even office staff isn’t happy with the windows. Maintenance worker told me that the only way I’d ever get my maintenance work done is if I hounded them constantly. Very disrespectful of my time considering how much money I pay them. Quote from an email they sent out last winter regarding their poor heating: “you are not supposed to be comfortable in a t shirt” Well it’s my unit and I’m paying for heating so why can’t I be comfortable in my own home? Go somewhere else, they don’t respect you here. ...


Current Resident

Just nasty you would think you were living in low income. Killings on site, drug activity it’s really the ghetto out here will not be renewing my lease and currently trying to find a way to get out of this one before it ends.

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