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Man on the Street

Published: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 00:03


Photos by Jacklyn Nowotnik

Yleana Morales


Photos by Jacklyn Nowotnik

Dawn Geneva


Photos by Jacklyn Nowotnik

Damien Deanda


Photos by Jacklyn Nowotnik

Jay Noelle


Photos by Jacklyn Nowotnik

Julio Garcia


Compared to other universities, NEIU has a late drop date [March 30]. What do you think, is it an appropriate date?

“I think it’s a good date because it’s after midterms, which gives you the chance to see if you should drop the class or if you will be able to pass the class.” -Yleana Morales, sophomore, Music Vocal Education Major


 “I guess it’s an okay date, but I’m kind of conflicted on that because, no matter what you do, that’s still a with- draw. So you’re still going to get a ‘W,’ no matter if you drop a class before or after mid terms [but before the drop date].” -Dawn Geneva, junior, Music Education (K-12) Major


“I don’t mind it being after midterms. I think it gives students enough time to really decide if they want to stay in that class. I’m sure that even if the date was before midterms, we would still have the same drop rate anyway.” -Damien Deanda, sophomore, Communications Major


“To be honest, I think the date is okay where it’s at, because it’s after midterms. That’s when most people decide if they will drop based on how well they are doing [in a class]. My previous school had a really early drop date, which even after midterms people were stuck with that class.” -Jay Noelle, Junior, Communications Major


“[The date] is after midterms, which is a good date because at least then you can determine what your progress is in the class. So if you’re not doing good in a class you can drop it then, which is a better option than dropping a class before midterms.” -Julio Garcia, sophomore, History Secondary Education Major

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