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NEIU Legal Battles Continue


In recent years, Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) has been associated in a number of legal cases and two in particular were addressed during the most recent Board of Trustees meeting.  On Nov. 8th, the Golden Eagles room was full of attendees who lined the walls and were informed about the latest Legal Counsel and Board Committee reports. News of the groundbreaking ceremony of the new El Centro campus building was shared with the Board of Trustees (BoT) and the campus police were commended for their improvement concerning bike thefts. However, many of the faculty and students in attendance were there to speak about the legal cases of Dr. Loretta Capeheart and Dr. John Boyle.

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NEIU to Offer Free HIV Tests


Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) set a promising new precedent by offering health services for the “mind, body and spirit.”  This past Nov. 27, 2012 NEIU Health Services, in conjunction with Affinity Community Services, the Chicago Abortion Fund, the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) and VIDA/SIDA organized a health fair in the Student Union. These organizations offered breakout sessions and discussions on a variety of topics; research as it pertains to LGBTQA community health issues; the health services available at NEIU, including the Plan B pill; reproductive justice in Chicago, including a showing of the documentary “Trust Black Women”; and ending human trafficking by raising awareness about the “End Demand Illinois Campaign.” As part of the recognition efforts of World AIDS Day 2012 & the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, VIDA/SIDA offered free rapid result HIV testing. The organization performed close to 50 anonymous and confidential HIV tests, and had trained STI counselors available for students to speak with about their concerns.

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Letter To The Editor


Dear Independent:


You recently ran an article on the front page of your paper titled “WZRD 88.3 Back In Business”. We in the WZRD Collective object to this article on the following grounds: for one thing, it is wrong. WZRD is not back in business. What happened, as the article goes on to illuminate, is that Director of Student Leadership Development Veronica Rodriguez read a letter she wrote, addressed to Matt Specht, Acting Assistant Vice President of Student Involvement, in a public forum. She then passed out copies of this letter to some of the attending members of WZRD and to reporters for the Independent. 

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CPS Extension: Fueled by Insincere Intentions


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) seeks an extension for releasing the list of intended school closings, for possibly insincere reasons.  Claiming an extension is necessary so that community voices may be heard and considered, CPS’s claim is flawed. The decision to close a school takes research and reasoning; the decision is not a sudden one. If schools were being considered for closure, the opinions of the community could have been taken into consideration long ago. It is possible that a request for an extension is really only an excuse for more time. The voices of the community will not be pleasant ones. More students will be forced into already cramped schools; student-teacher ratio will continue towards a number that is hazardous towards the academic health of students. Finances, rather than the students, are again the priority.

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Unveiled Scene

Review of “Unveiled”


 “Do you know what it is like to be treated like you’re not human? I do.” With that statement, Rohina Malik got to the heart of the message in her play, “Unveiled.” The one-woman play was written by Malik and performed by her on Nov. 28 in Northeastern Illinois University’s (NEIU) Auditorium Theatre.

A full contingent of theatergoers were in attendance and it was a diverse crowd of people. The venue itself was not the most ideal, however. The sound was a bit muddied, and the hall had a high-school cafeteria-like feel, with tiled floor and concrete walls. NEIU has much better venues for plays on its campus, and I was struck by the question of why they were not used in this instance.

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Voulez vous parler avec moi?



The French Studies major offered at NEIU is a truly interdisciplinary major in the College of Arts and Sciences that allows students to take up to three courses in another discipline with prior approval.  Linguistics, French Revolution and European History are some courses that may be allowed as part of the French Studies program.  Dr. Mary McGoey, who is an NEIU French instructor, believes that an interdisciplinary degree in French Studies is apt to be more attractive to future employers than a traditional French degree emphasizing literary studies only.

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Recent Comments

  • Response to “Cyclist Menace Growing”
    As much as I want to agree with your logic, I have to say my experience is closer to Hadid's. Your invective is really just a theory. The reality in my observation is that Chicagoans who ride bikes turn into a bunch of self-righteous jerks who think they are above the law. We are all expected to bow to their need to keep momentum going at all costs -- traffic laws be damned! Other bicyclists have caused me to give up my bike because of their seeming collective inability to follow any semblance of decency on the roads. I don't know any drivers who WANT to hurt anyone, so the fact that the car seems to be blamed, regardless of the negligence of the other person, is a red herring, failing to take into account the full story. In my daily experience, it seems like far too many bicyclists think it is okay to ride the wrong way down narrow one way streets, block crosswalks, run red lights even when heavy traffic is legally moving in multiple opposing lanes, speeding down sidewalks, and the list goes on and on. I would like to see aggressive ticketing of the reckless menace of bicyclists who are terrorizing our city streets.
    posted by: Anonymous
  • Get Out the Way
    It is illegal for anyone over the age of 12 to ride on the sidewalk, so your opening line kind of invalidates the rest of your rant.. I, for one, stopped riding my bike b/c of other cyclists putting me in danger. The appalling lack of regard for their surroundings by bicyclists has been more what I see. I think the vast vast majority of drivers want to stay away from bikes. We are terrified by the terrorizing drivers (especially the hipsters in Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humboldt Park and Logan Square -- GOOD GOD!!) That is why I am much more likely to take the bus since I hate to use my car more than necessary due to excessive pollution and lack of exercise. However, your claims about bikes vs. cars are totally unfounded and you fail to reference any credible sources to back your claims. If we're only talking about personal observation -- going down one-way streets the wrong way, running stop signs, totally blowing red lights even when traffic is flowing in the other direction, riding on sidewalks, and blocking crosswalks are just a few of the things I see every single day in spades. Until the bicycle community mans/womans up and starts putting social pressure on fellow riders to stop breaking traffic laws, cutting off cars and failing to pay attention themselves, you have no room to talk. I will choose safety and stick to the bus and train. P.S. When a school crosswalking guard holds up her sign even bikes must STOP. I have seen so many elementary school children nearly plowed down by bikes in the past year it is appalling!!!
    posted by: Anonymous
  • NEIU Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies
    Let's hope that the students themselves are not subject by this University to of the type of misdiagnosis and stereotype that the university has mistakenly ascribed to Abraham Lincoln by describing him as a Democrat.
    posted by: Anonymous
  • WZRD 88.3 Back In Business
    This article is outdated. The WZRD club rejected this original offering by the SLD and chose to remain exiled until an acceptable agreement could be made. We did not resume operation until January 1, 2013. If we had accepted this offer, we would have essentially been admitting guilt to the charges made against the club. Since there was no adequate investigation or finding of guilt, we could not go along with their decision to, in our opinion, seize de facto control of the club and the station. By being put on inactive status and forcibly removed from the station, we were unjustly punished for crimes that were never committed nor corroborated. The investigative committees quietly disbanded without coming to any conclusive decision and SLD was hoping we would just go along and drop our demands for justice. We could not let that happen. It would set the precedent that the University can take down any club without due process.
    Thankfully, we did come to terms with SLD and have been operating with renewed vigor for nearly seven months. Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Ross has officially announced via mass email that "WZRD members were not in violation of University policy or their bylaws and charter." We are also happy to say that we have been given the ability to use alumni wizards to train new members and serve as substitute DJs, something that had been prohibited by the university for several years. We owe many thanks to Matt Specht for facilitating this process and continuing to serve as an advocate for WZRD. Students who wish to join WZRD can contact us at Bands and musicians who would like to perform can send a sample or link to their music at We thank the students and The Independent for their support.
    posted by: Max Grilly, Director of Public Relations and DJ, WZRD
  • NEIU Legal Battles Continue
    I believe because of this legal battle is the reason that the NEIU Justice Studies department suffers missing out on a lot of great opportunities that the students can take advantage of. They are scared because of this to expand on the program and allow students to fully explore justice. The only real loss here is the student's education and exposure to various resources in justice. They should look at the bigger picture one day they will wonder why so many students will choose different schools over NEIU just sad.
    posted by: Anonymous